Miyokos Cheese – Review

Miyokos Cheese – Review

Cheese, cheese, cheese. It’s one of the main things that stops people going vegan. “Oh I could never give up cheese!” they say, when I tell them how easy it is to go vegan. When I tell them that vegan cheese is just as good, they’re skeptical.

Miyoko's kitchen vegan cheese

But Miyoko’s Kitchen cheese is really good. Pre-vegan, I’d whip up a mean cheese board, and I thought those days were long gone, but no longer do I believe this. I welcome vegan cheese with open arms, ready to lather onto crackers and bread, and I’m always eager to try new brands.

Miyoko's kitchen cheese board

So when The Cruelty Free shop announced they’d be getting stock in for Miyoko’s, that it would be the last import into Australia for quite a while, and that it was up to 70% off (!) I knew it was time to give this a go.

Miyoko's kitchen vegan cheese

I managed to get hold of French Style Winter Truffle, Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic and Double Cream Garlic Herb. For the cheeseboard, I used crackers, bread, figs, grapes and olives. Delish! So without further ado, read on for my review of each of these Miyoko’s Kitchen cheeses.

French Style Winter Truffle

Miyokos truffle cheese

Out of the three, this one had the mildest flavour. Super creamy, the texture is bang-on and very similar to a soft cheese such as a brie or camembert, just without the rind. I haven’t had truffle before, so I don’t know how accurate it is to a truffle flavour, but there is a distinct taste to it that I can only assume is truffle. If you’re a fan of truffle then you need to give this a go. It’s also great for those who do want a milder tasting cheese and to pair it with a strong flavoured chutney.

Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic

Miyoko's kitchen vegan sundried tomato cheese

This one was by far my favourite. I love sundried tomato anyway and this had such a rich flavour. As before, super creamy which is a plus. If you are a fan of a stronger taste then this one is for you. I could easily just eat the whole thing in one go. The vibrant colour of the cheese is also really nice, especially if you’re looking to create a cheeseboard as it helps to break everything up in terms of how it looks.

Double Cream Garlic Herb

Garlic herb vegan cheese

Finally, the garlic herb one. Again, same texture and creaminess so they’re all great in that department. This one had a very perfumey taste. You can definitely taste the different herbs and it is a contrasting flavour to the others. Not overpowering in its flavour but there is definitely a punch to it. It works really nicely with the other cheeses to create a perfect cheeseboard, as they all have contrasting flavours. Whilst I did find the perfumey flavour a bit odd at first, I grew to enjoy it.

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