Your Complete Guide To A Vegan Christmas

Your Complete Guide To A Vegan Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner and I’ve been working hard to make as many yummy vegan Christmas recipes as I can, to make your life much easier.

Being vegan at Christmas is hard, because generally all the celebrations revolve around food. And unless you’re lucky enough to only have vegan friends and family, it means you could end up in a lot of awkward and uncomfortable situations. I’ve been there!

Hopefully my guide will help you ensure that you’re covered for your entire Christmas feast, with plenty of options to ensure you have a delicious and fun Christmas meal.

I hope you enjoy!

Vegan Christmas Starters

To begin with, you want something light and easy to make. Here I’ve provided two options, vegan roast red pepper and butternut squash pâté or vegan leek and potato soup with crispy croutons. Both are completely delicious and can be made in advanced.

Vegan roast butternut squash and red pepper pate

Vegan leek and potato soup

Vegan Christmas Main

I’ve broken down the main meal on my Vegan Christmas main meal blog post, where I’ve also included a handy timeline so you know what you can make in advance and what you need to do on the day. Completely foolproof! For the main meal, we have a sage and onion pastry plait, swede and carrot mash, creamy peas, roast potatoes and parsnips, cauliflower cheese and cranberry sauce.

Vegan Christmas series

Vegan Christmas Desserts

To finish I’ve included three options. First, delicious individual vegan chocolate mousse bombes, which can be done two ways, one finished with a gold lustre splatter, the other with a tart raspberry mirror glaze. Second, vegan mince pies, and finally, Christmas tree Chelsea buns. Hey, why not go all out and do all three! The mince pies are incredibly easy to make, and whilst the chocolate mousse bombes have quite a few steps, they’re far easier than they look. The chelsea buns make an excellent centre piece and your guests can dive right in and just tear off what they want.

Vegan chocolate mousse bombes

Vegan Christmas mince pies


Vegan christmas tree chelsea buns


Vegan Christmas Drinks

If you’re looking to include a festive cocktail during your Christmas day celebrations, Santa’s Kryptonite is the absolute perfect drink. A delightful mix of Christmas spice and cherry liquor, you’ll feel like you’re drinking Christmas!

Santa's kryptonite cocktail christmas

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!


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