The Muddy Duck in Jersey – Review

The Muddy Duck in Jersey – Review

So I’ve been quite quiet lately but I’ve been incredibly busy. My uni course has started again after a month break in May, and I’m now doing three modules at once, so that + a full time job = not much spare time.

I’ve also been away in London, where I got to try lots of yummy vegan food; including going to Zizzi’s where I got to try their new vegan pizza which was amazing. My omni friend’s tried it who said you wouldn’t know it wasn’t dairy.

Anyway, on Friday I went out with my friends to a new restaurant in Jersey – The Muddy Duck. As always before I go anywhere I make sure that they’ll be able to cater for me. They said they’re happy to make me something so I was looking forward to going.

The whole restaurant has been done up really nicely; unfortunately I didn’t take any photos. The menu was also really great, with a fair few vegetarian dishes that I could see I could veganise which I like, as I always find it a bit awkward having to ask for an entirely new dish.

I have to say, the customer service was amazing and I was so impressed with how everyone went out of their way to cater for me.

To start, I had the rustic bread which came with butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. When ordering I asked for it without the butter; purely in case it was on the bread. When it came out, they’d replaced the butter with a delicious roasted garlic which was such a nice touch and one I really appreciated. It would have been easy just to leave me with the olive oil and vinegar, and going the extra mile was great. The whole thing was delicious and the balsamic vinegar had a yummy fruity taste.

Muddy duck jersey

For my main, I had a veggie asian curry which again was delicious. It came with shrimp crackers, and the staff went out of their way to see if I wanted them replaced with anything. I said I was happy just going without, but really appreciated them going to the effort of trying to replace them, which I hadn’t expected.

Muddy Duck Jersey review

I didn’t have a dessert, but did note that they had sorbet so it was nice that had I wanted one, I could have. Dessert is one of those where if a restaurant doesn’t have an option I don’t feel like I can ask, so it was good to see something there.

All in all, a great night, and I’l definitely be going back in the future!

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