Hi, we’re Kelly and Sam, the bloggers behind The Rose & Bean, and our story begins in 2005.

About Kelly

In 2004 at the age of 11, IΒ became a vegetarian. I was running down a lane with my sister, when a group of cows in the field next to us began to run with this. That was it, I turned to my mum and said I would no longer be eating meat. My sister followed a year later.

I was always happy with just being vegetarian (I was one for Β 12 years!). But when I started to learn more about the cruelty that also exists in the egg and dairy industry, I knew that it was something I no longer wanted to be a part of. The decision toΒ become vegan in April 2016 was the best decision I ever made.

I have always loved cooking and creating delicious vegetarian food, and since becoming vegan this has become even more of a passion as I strive to create yummy, healthy vegan food that isn’t bland and boring.

About Sam

I was always a heavy meat eater, and was never really interested in giving it up. Whilst I always had a love for animals, I never really made the connection. When Kelly finally turned vegan, and we began to learn more about what actually goes on in these industries, I decided to give up meat. I ended up being a pescitarian for about 10 months, whilst also phasing out dairy and eggs, before finally becoming a committed vegan in February 2017.

Our blog

The Rose & Bean began as a way for Kelly to help promote a vegan lifestyle. Passionate that vegan is the only way to live your life, it became an outlet for recipes and lifestyle tips as she navigated a post-vegetarian world. Over the first few months, the blog has become a bigger part of her life.

Sam has always been part of helping with recipes, but since becoming vegan himself, had begun to take a larger role in creating recipes and ideas for the blog. It become only natural that he became a bigger part and become more heavily involved. In April 2017 he officially joined The Rose & Bean team.

As we both learn more about veganism, the impact on the environment, our health, and of the undeniable cruelty that goes on, we become more passionate, and want to help spread the message. We hope that through The Rose & Bean that we can educate others on just how easy being vegan is, and how you’re not missing out on anything at all. We hope to continue to learn, and continue to educate others.